5 liquids

  • A quick homework assignment:
  1. Research the chemical formulas or verbal names for each of the 5 liquids.
  2. Give a every day use/application of the liquid
  • HCl
  • NaCl
  • NaOH
  • Ethanol
  • Distilled water

Design Your own Exam Questions

  • Use the list of action verbs from the 6 levels of thinking from this list -->
  • Make 2 questions for each level
  • Each question must be worth 5 pts
  • Here's the exam for some ideas -->Mid Year.doc

Word Wall --> you were assigned 1 of 35 words from this list-->07_Terminology Unit 2.doc

  • Fold a piece of paper in half
1) On the outside, write your word artistically.
2) On the inside of the folded piece of paper:
a) give verbal a definition
b) give an everyday use/application of the word
c) draw a diagram to illustrate the meaning
*diagram can look like a flow chart

Paragraph on Fluids

  1. Chooose a common everyday fluid you want to write about. (compressible examples: air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen/incompressible examples: hydraulic fluid, water etc)
  2. Answer this question in a paragraph: Is the fluid compressible or incompressible?

1st sentence: Intro: global statement (catchy/interesting but relevant point)
2nd sentence: Thesis: Answer the question "Is it compressible?"
3rd to 5th sentences: Proof sentences --> ...there is room to squeeze molecules together...can not increase density...etc
6th sentence: Conclusion: Restate thesis.

Unit 2 Mind Map

  1. Choose your central image (What Unit 2 is all about-> see course outline link at left)
  2. Choose 4 or 5 main themes
  3. Key words or images appear along lines that connect ideas
***be sure the overall appearance is branched and interconnected.

Examples with associated letter grade:Mind_Map_A+.jpg, Mind_Map_A.gif, Mind_Map_A.jpg, Mind_Map_B.gif, Mind_Map_B_.gif
Rubric:Mind Map Rubric.doc

Geologic Time Scale

  1. Follow the steps to fill in the "geologic time scale football field" worksheet
  2. Contact me with any questions
  3. Do not do the toilet paper demo
Worksheet: Gelogic timescale activity and demo.doc