Final exam review

sample questions.pdf - Questions are similar to wha will be on the exam but are simplified. Answers here are 3 or 3+ level. More specific details are required.

Topics for the four questions
1) Explain the immune response (specifically the how vaccinations work) and compare and contrast lymphatic and circulatory system.
2) Concentration calculation word problem.
3) Nervous System (parts of neurons and their functions specifically) and explain how the nervous system controls the function of the respiratory and musculoskeletal system.
4) For general science - essay question, for applied science - long answer involving a design plan.

Textbook topics to read about - Respiratory system(172-176), circulatory system/lymphatic system(177-190), Nervous system(202-211), muscular system(221-228), concentration(13-14 C=m/v only) and design plan (358).