Classroom procedures

  1. Go to your seat when you enter the classroom
  2. Read the to do list on the front board
  3. Get your materials to be ready when the bell rings.
  4. *All activities and conversations in the classroom are governed by the 4 agreements.*


For detailed schoolwide policies that I will adhere to and enforce refer to the school's policies here.

Our Class

Conduct in our science class will be governed by 4 agreements.
Students will agree to:
1) Participate/ have the right to pass
2) Listen
3) Appreciate don't humiliate
4) Show Mutual Respect

Students are given the every opportunity to succeed because:
  • tests and quizzes will be redone on students' own time when the grade recieved is unsatisfactory, and the highest grade is kept.
    • make an appointment with me or drop in durinig OT (see "contact me" section for extra help time and my e-mail)
  • late assignments lose a maximum of 30% and assignments can be handed in anytime before the end of each term.
  • abundant extra help is available by voicing any concerns or getting extra help during OT or by e-mail.

  • When problems recur the following steps will be followed:
  • When a student ignores a warning/persists with problem behavior they will be held 5 min after class.
  • If problems becomes chronic, the student will be sent to study hall/VP's office for the period. (parents will be notified at this point)
  • *I am more than happy to discuss with students, any decisions regarding punishments OUTSIDE regular class time.

Lab safety
All students need to read, understand and agree to safety guidelines before participating in lab activities.
Student Lab Safety Contract
1. All accidents should be reported to the teacher immediately, no matter how minor.
2. Only those laboratory activities where instructions and permission have been given by the teachers should be performed.
3. Only materials and equipment authorized by the teacher should be used.
4. Chemical goggles should be used when working in the laboratory and using chemicals. Safety goggles may be used in other science laboratories when chemicals are not being used.
5. No food or beverage is permitted in any science laboratory.
6. Hands should be washed thoroughly (15 sec) with soap at the conclusion of each laboratory period.
7. Never taste, smell, or touch chemicals unless specifically instructed to do so.
8. Hands should be washed thoroughly (15 sec) with soap at the conclusion of each laboratory period.
9. Long sleeves should be rolled up above the wrist. Ties, coats and sweaters should be removed. Long hair should be tied back during laboratory activity.
10. Student apparel should be appropriate for laboratory work. Long hanging necklaces, bulky jewelry and excessive and bulky clothing should not be worn in the laboratory. Closed-toed shoes are a must.
11. Students will always clean and wipe dry their desks, tables or laboratory work areas, at the conclusion of each laboratory activity as part of good housekeeping practices.
12. All solid waste should be placed in separate waste containers, jars or other designated receptacles. Do not discard any solids in the laboratory sinks.
13. Do not bring any substance into contact with a flame unless specifically instructed to do so.
14. Upon first entering the laboratory, students are not permitted to touch laboratory equipment until directed to do so.