How to write notes

The best way to start the notes section is to learn the best way to take notes. Click the link below to find out.
>Taking Cornell Notes.doc

Cell Division

---> Cell division concept map.doc
Notes: Intro to Cell Div_DNA.ppt
-->movie clips for reinforcement of concepts--->Chromosomes and DNA.asf, Genes.asf,
Notes: Mitosis vs. Meiosis.ppt
-->movie clips for reinforcement of concepts--->Mitosis.asf, Meiosis.asf
Notes: Sexual Reproduction.ppt
-->advanced learning--->Human Genome Project How mapping works.asf

Tissues Organs and Systems

Notes:Intro to Physilogy.ppt



Starch Lab Write up-->Starch Lab.doc

First formal lab write LAB INVESTIGATION-vitamin c.doc - print it off.

Digestive System

Notes:The Digestive System.ppt
Movie clips:
--->Digestion Intro.asf
--->The stomach etc.asf
--->Small intestine.asf
--->large intestine.asf
--->*Ridiculous and educational.asf
Peristalsis animation
Digestion machine

Circulatory System

Notes: Circulatory System.ppt
---> check out the links in this presentation for a game and an animation
-->blood flow through the heart-->sung by Potsie from "Happy Days"

Respiratory System

Notes: Respiratory_System.ppt

Blood and Lymph

Notes: Blood and Lymphatic system.ppt

Powerpoint presentation

Rubric:PowerPoint Rubric.doc
Outline:T&I Presentation.doc

Skeletal System

Notes: Skeletal System.ppt

Muscular System

Notes: Muscular_System.ppt

Nervous System

Notes:01_Nervous_System_Nerves.ppt, 02_Nervous_System_Divisions.ppt
Reflex arc explanation *link*
Sheep Eye Digidissection--> click on link and follow linksat the bottom each page of the digidissection
the assignment is to fill out the two worksheets so show me when you're done
-->video: the biology of addiction:Pleasure pathway.asf
-->notes:Addiction & The Pleasure Pathway.ppt
research project**:Rubric for Pamphlet Project.doc

Excretory System

Notes:Excretory System.ppt

Reproductive Sytems

Notes:Reproductive systems.ppt
Review diagram:reproductive_structures.doc

We will be doing the frog dissection in December after we know ALL of the body systems.But here's a link if you're interested in the interim. Frog Dissection


notes:PROPERTIES of matter.ppt



Atoms and Molecules

notes:Particle model.ppt
notes:Bunches of particles.ppt

Light and Waves

notes:05_Waves and light.ppt
notes:06_Light and Waves advanced.ppt


-->great video that explains pressure and molecules of fluids:07_Scuba dangers.asf

Unit 3 Earth & Space

Geological timeline: 01_Earth’s History.ppt
Earth's Story in 6 slides; 02_Earth’s Historical Highlights.ppt
Intro:01Space intro.ppt
Stars:02_Characteristics of Stars.ppt

Final Review

Check the course outline and the notes section as well as the following files:
Single jeopardy end of Science 306.ppt
Double jeopardy end of Science 306.ppt - the points stayed trhe same though...
Mock exam Physiology.doc
Mock exam MOST of the rest