The Objective for today is to
  1. add me to your wiki - please disregard and thank you to those who have already done this...
  2. E-mail yourself, and your partner all the content for tomorrow's test.
  3. Play the blood typing game.

1 - First, some house keeping
-Go to your wiki - Please accept my request to join your wiki (this will allow me to give you quicker feedback on your assignments)
2 - Email yourself the content for the test.
- go to Homework, assignments and quizzes - open all the quizzes from chapter five and six.
--paste them in the e-mail and answer the one's that aren't the answer keys
--*Whether you are finished or not, send the e-mail to both partners and CC me.
--*one topic that you did not get quizzed on but that will be on the test is mitosis (IPMAT) names and functions of each stage.
3 - Open the blood typing game (google blood typing game or go to the notes section and find the link in the BLOOD and LYMPH powerpoint) - play
---Be able to explain the process of determining blood type, specifically for each patient.
----*using the terms antigens, antibodies and clumping*

We still don't have the software on the computerlab computers but GIZMOS are awesome...
Optional GIZMOS: If you would like to explore gizmos's Here's your to do list:

On to the GIZMO
-Open the following document - Circulatory_System_SE.doc - answer the first 2 questions.
-Go to
*Repeat the following steps for each student**
  1. click "enroll in class" in the top right corner
  2. Copy and paste your code - If you are group 01 your class code will be 649NPPY5WU, 02- 64AKAAQXCU, 05-64BHUUQQSU, 06-64CEOGHJZU.
  3. Ensure your real first and last name are correct - your user and pass can be anything - be polite.
  4. *stop, log out and enroll the other partner* -if applicable.
-open up the Circulatory system gizmo and complete the assignment document using the GIZMO.
-save it to the computer and post it to your wikis with 2 minutes to go (I will remind you)

ASSESSMENT/homework - you will be graded on two things
  1. successfully posting a completed assignment on your wiki and (Comp.1 - homework check)
  2. your results on the assessment questions. (Comp. 2 - quiz grade)
-due Monday May 2nd.

If you do not complete this during class time you will need to do it at home, at lunch etc
If you finish this assignment with time to spare - we have the Quiz pp93-102 from the workbook for Friday and Test Chapter 5 and 6 next week.